10 Great Jobs for People without a College Degree

Being educated and having a college degree is said to be a must, but do you know that only 6.7% of the world’s population has a college degree. But this clearly doesn’t mean that the people without degree can’t get jobs. If this would have been the case so much of the world’s population won’t have been employed. Though jobs with college degree will pay you more but you have to take care of certain factors i.e. how much time and money you spend while getting a college degree. Here are 10 jobs that’ll pay you good without you having a college degree:

  1. Phlebotomist

Phlebotomists are referred to as people who draw blood from patients. They generally enroll in a recognized training program that has a clinical component. Some states in the world do require certification, and some employers prefer those that have certification.

  1. Emergency dispatchers

20120330_911_CALLS_023.jpg Communication Specialist Robbie Harnden assists emergency personnel on the phone in the 911 call center Friday, March 30, 2012 at the Longmont Police Department. (Matthew Jonas/Times-Call)

To start working as an emergency dispatcher you just need to attend a 32-hour training program. This job can provide steady income with just only a high school degree. But there is a chance of high stress and emotional exhaustion dealing with the emergencies.

  1. Automotive mechanics

Automotive mechanics can start off just by taking automotive repair classes. Though employers prefer mechanics that have finished education in the same field but if one takes classes properly they hold a better a chance than the mechanics.

  1. Massage therapists

A college degree is not needed to be a massage therapist but if you want to become one massage therapist, they require completing training massage-therapy-1programs of more than 500 hours of study as well as experience.

  1.  Legal secretaries

The work of Legal secretaries is to help attorneys by providing them with organizational support. There are many educational programs that can help you to become a legal secretary. Also, there are many law firms that provide training to those who have high school degrees.

  1. Truck Drivers

As we all know and can see that the Demand for truck drivers is growing increasingly. This is a good opportunity for high school graduates. You can easily get a job in this field with a one-year certification and a commercial driver’s license.

  1. Plumbers

Plumbing is one great field where a person can earn above the national average income. To become a plumber you only require some professional training, an apprenticeship program and need to have a valid license.

  1. Electricians

Even if you’re a high school graduate, you can become an electrician easily. You just have to learn a few techniques through an apprenticeship program.

  1. Construction and building inspectors

If you’re a high school graduate you can earn more than the national

Building Inspector Looking At New Property

average income by becoming a construction/building inspector. You just need to have very good knowledge of construction trades and should be able to lead a team and allocate work among them.

  1. Licensed Practical Nurse

Becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse requires completing a one year state-approved educational program and you need to be licensed.

If you go through the list carefully, all the jobs that are listed above are not that difficult and don’t require a lot of training. They can be easily learnt and would make you earn great amount of money even if you don’t have a college degree.


When we are studying and are actually deciding for our future career; two things can happen i.e. either you will want a career that can give you a lot of money or you can opt for the one that you have interest in. a lot of advancements have let us belief that we cannot benefit from anything if we don’t even like it. For example, there is huge money in architecture field; now you can do things in your life that will be wither choosing architecture and making a lot money in future but have no happiness in your life or you can go for management sciences that has a little less money but you are fully satisfied with your work and life.

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