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Medicine in the Real World: Careers in Medicine
Jobs for doctors are available in many different settings
By Christina Couch
Doctor jobs - careers in medicine - doctor careers.  Read about the many career opportunities available to doctors by visiting GradView.com.People intelligent and determined enough to make it through medical school will find a wide array of job opportunities just waiting for their application. Whether it’s working in an ER, conducting groundbreaking drug research, or acting as a medical consultant, students entering the job market as doctors will find ample career opportunities both domestically and abroad. Check out what you can do with an MD.

Jobs in Hospitals

Hope you look good in scrubs. Offering positions for MDs of almost any specialty, hospitals recruit the best and the brightest doctors from across the country for both clinical and clinical teaching positions. Hospital doctors can expect long, long working hours, constant contact with a rotating set of patients, the opportunity to work with a broad spectrum of medical cases, and the ability to work side-by-side with several medical professionals in your field.

Jobs in Private Practice

A distinct departure from the constantly-changing world of hospital work, private practice doctors typically have a regular roster of patients they can get to know on a more personal level. Those in private practice also usually work fewer hours than their hospital counterparts and have more power over how their practice is run, but in many cases are in charge of more, if not all, aspects of patient care.

Careers in Academic Medicine

Part doctors, part researchers, academic and university MDs work with both patients and medical students in addition to conducting independent research and clinical studies. Unlike hospital and private practice doctors, academic MDs focus on medical education and typically split their time between teaching, securing grants for their own research, and getting their findings published.

Careers in Field Medicine

Time to think outside the box. Doctors interested in working in the field may find themselves employed in a vaccination clinic in Kenya or at a children’s summer camp in the Midwest. Those interested in field medicine may find positions working with nonprofit agencies like Doctors Without Borders or Doctor to Doctor or through programs run through for-profit institutions including hospitals, clinics, and private practices. Type of work, working conditions, location, hours, and job requirements vary greatly from position to position.

Christina Couch is a freelance writer based in Richmond, Virginia, and Paris, France. Her writing credentials include MSN/Encarta Online, CollegeBound Teen, and Studentscoop.com.

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