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Applying for Graduate Scholarships
By Megan O'Leary
Scholarships for graduate students - applying for scholarships - graduate scholarships.  Find tips and advice about the scholarship application process at GradView.Deciding to take on the challenge of pursuing a higher degree is a feat in itself, but applying for graduate scholarships can sometimes carry a whole new meaning of pressure. Don't allow this process to deter you from graduate school. The best advice is to begin early; make sure that you have a listing of the schools and each of their requirements together. This will help you through the process of applying for graduate school scholarships.

First, think about the important people who have surrounded you during your undergraduate experience. Feel free to compile a list of faculty members, administrators, and old employers or supervisors who have seen you in action. Remember, these people should know a lot about who you are as a person. They will be writing about how you performed in various situations and even about your professional career goals and how your work is compared to your peers. These people will be the greatest resources you may have for graduate school letters of recommendation. Be sure to give them ample time to write you a letter because they may want to spend a lot of time on it. It is also very helpful to provide your writers with a current résumé. Remember, they may have seen your work in the classroom or on the job, but they may not know all of the co-curricular activities that you participate in.

Determining how to pay for school after you may have already taken out student loans to pay for your undergraduate degree is complicated and may become stressful. But don't allow it; there are many options for graduate students. Often, institutions will send you financial aid information upon acceptance to a program. You can take out graduate student loans for living expenses or for tuition just like you may have during your undergraduate work. However, if you are still concerned with the payment look into graduate fellowships, assistantships and teaching assistant positions. Frequently, if you are hired for any of these positions, the department will finance your education and give you a paycheck. If you're still worried, know that there are many graduate scholarships available depending on the institution.

The best advice for all of these priorities during the scholarship application process is being on time. Make sure that with your listing of all graduate schools that you also know all of the deadlines for applying for scholarships. A good tip is to create your own deadlines about three weeks before the actual deadline. This will help you mail all of the forms on time. After all of this paper work is complete, let the waiting game begin!

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