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GMAT Registration — Selecting Test Dates and Centers
GMAT registration - GMAT test dates - GMAT test centers.  For advice on registering for the GMAT, including selection of test dates and centers, visit GradView.The first item of business a GMAT® test-taker must do in order to register for the test is to select a test center. The majority of test centers are permanent with a limited number of them being portable. The centers that are not permanent offer the GMAT® only on certain dates throughout the year. Some countries also offer the paper-based form of the test a few times throughout the year.

GMAT® test-takers can view the entire list of test centers online by visiting www.gmac.com or by obtaining a copy of the GMAT® Information Bulletin for Testing in 2007. Students generally select the center that is most convenient to them as each one generally has its own schedule of test dates and accommodates a varying numbers of students.

After a student has selected the center where they will take the test, they must register to take the GMAT®. Students can register for the test online, by phone, or mail. Students can check out the various dates and times that the test is offered, pay for the test, and even reschedule a test on mba.com.

Students with disabilities are required to follow the registration procedures listed in the "Test-Takers with Disabilities" article, which can be found under the GMAT® section of mba.com.

For further details on GMAT® registration, visit www.mba.com.

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