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What to Expect from the Veterinary College Admission Test (VCAT)
VCAT - veterinary college admission test.  Learn about the VCAT, including questions to expect, and test prep advice.The VCAT is a measurement device which helps to evaluate the knowledge and achievement of the student who is applying to the veterinary colleges. The VCAT assesses knowledge and academic ability that is necessary for successful completion of a graduate education in a veterinary college. Results from the VCAT are used in various ways by different universities. There are students who have taken very difficult courses or who are in very competitive universities. Thus, this testing evaluation is a way for these students to demonstrate that they have the same, or more knowledge than those students who may have taken easier courses, or who had less competitive classes and thus received higher grades. The VCAT test results are only one component of the very difficult decision of the veterinary college admissions process. Other information that the admissions committee utilizes includes undergraduate grades, type and level of difficulty of undergraduate or graduate course studies, letters of recommendation, and personal interviews if needed.

The VCAT is based on approximately 300 total questions in a multiple-choice format. Generally the questions asked only have four choices although there may be more. The questions are independent from any other question unless specifically stated otherwise. The approximate time of the VCAT (including rest and lunch breaks) is about three and one half hours (210 minutes).

Areas of Testing on the VCAT

Testing Fees and Important Dates for the VCAT

You will need to read the Candidate Information booklet carefully to determine the exact fees and dates as they may change without notice.

The testing fee for the VCAT is currently between $50 and $65. To avoid the late application fee, you will need to have your application in by the deadline published, usually five weeks prior to the examination date.

The VCAT is offered twice a year, usually in October and November. Students can apply online at www.vmcas.org.

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