Highest paid jobs in UK

Degrees are becoming more costly these days in UK, but that does not mean that you cannot earn through your high flying career. Fee is rising quite high these days and the job market is getting tougher day by day, the survey done by the government still says that holding a degree can somehow increase the chances of earning lifetime. You can find average earning from certain job but to maximize your potential you will some way or the other need to attend college or universities.

Some of the highest paid jobs in UK:

Senior Officials and Chief executives
The average salary of a chief executive or senior officials is £111,413 and the salary ranges from £44,764 – £143,356. The Chief executive in UK is 11thsomcameetingwithdsgmochtan_34cea3207d018d0f996d1bd0f95e0a5calso known as CEO or the Managing Director. It is the highest individual ranking within the organisation. Some of the famous CEOs like Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Mark Zuckerberg were all drop out from education and had no such academic degree. But, if you wish to work under somebody you will have to have minimum of undergraduate degree. There may be many CEOs who have earlier served as board og Directors or probably must be having undergraduate level og degree. If you want to become a CEO overnight, then you got to have unique and outstanding ideas, it is then when you could hit the salary scale of £111,413.

Flight Engineers and Aircraft Pilots
The average salary of a flight engineers and aircraft pilots is £78,356 and the salary ranges from £56,017 – £82,944. The salary that of a pilot varies according to their experience and the kind of air craft they fly. The minimum qualification required for this is GCSEs and if you have A-levels qualification it will definitely help you stand out of the crowd. How tough may the competition be you will stand distinct in the crowd. In this you need to have good knowledge of mathematics and physics.

Medical Practitioner


The average salary of medical Practitioner is £70,648 and the salary ranges from £19,123 – £131,299. The entire medicine practitioner requires medical degree before their training begins. This will involve 5 years at a medical college and training at their specialty. All those who want to become a consultant, specialist training is required for the same. All these would take you to the top of the profession.

Sales and marketing director
The average salary of sales and marketing director £84,377 and the salary ranges from £24,080 – £104,636. Sales and marketing is of vital importance for the success of any organization. No matter how good your product is, had they not been there you product will not be known in the market. Promoting and advertising for it all depends on the sales and marketing team. In this field your previous work experience is also an advantage. It will add to your work experience and will help enhancing your career.

So, while talking about some of the highest paid jobs in UK, these are some job profiles which come under this category. But, a degree from any reputed university is also very important for achieving success in career.



When we are studying and are actually deciding for our future career; two things can happen i.e. either you will want a career that can give you a lot of money or you can opt for the one that you have interest in. a lot of advancements have let us belief that we cannot benefit from anything if we don’t even like it. For example, there is huge money in architecture field; now you can do things in your life that will be wither choosing architecture and making a lot money in future but have no happiness in your life or you can go for management sciences that has a little less money but you are fully satisfied with your work and life.

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