Poor Communication: A Hurdle To Overcome For Career Development

Effective communication is a prerequisite for building working relationships and enhanced productivity. Communication skills can be the greatest strength an individual possesses whereas it can also be his weakest link. It is an imperative key when it comes to career planning. Before understanding its importance and learn how to overcome the barriers in poor communication skills, let us understand the basics of effective communication.

Good communication does not entail speaking English or any other specific language with finesse, it means conveying the message in such a manner that it is easily understood by everyone. Whatever is the mode of communication, whether email, telephonic, in writing or vocal; the person should be capable of keeping his point with confidence and lucidness. If he cannot do so, he needs to breach this hurdle for a better career path.

How Poor Communication Affects The Career Development?

  • In every aspect of an organization, a working relationship needs to be maintained. For establishing a harmonious relationship, it is necessary to convey the messages. A person lacking communication skills cannot convey these messages to his superiors or coordinates with efficacy. Establishing cordial relationships in a workplace will be an impossible task for him affecting his confidence and overall ability.
  • slider8Customers or clients are the most important entity for any business to prosper. A person lacking communication skills will find it very difficult to please customers and clients. He will not be trusted by his superiors for any kind of client communication thus, making him an unimportant employee in the organization.
  • Presenting ideas and brainstorming with the group is an important part of business meetings. Poor communication skills make it difficult for a person to pitch his ideas in front of a group. He is always hesitant to take part in group discussions and meetings. He cannot present his thoughts and concepts in front of people efficiently. As a result, he can be adjudged non-creative and unproductive.
  • Communication skills are also indispensable for developing leadership. Even if an employee is in a career that does not involve too much verbal communication, he needs to have good communication skills to get promoted from being just an executive. istock_000032358362_xxxlargeToday, all the organizations have a good blend of people from different origins, race, religion, and ethnicities. A person able to establish a cordial set of relations and interpersonal relationships with these people can only be considered liable for a leadership position.

How to Enhance Communication Skills?

  • The simple way of enhancing communication skills is by practicing. There are various E-learning programs available today. A person can take help of these programs. These programs are effective and do not requireBusiness man climbing up on hand drawn staircase concept on city background

    bucket load of money and time. A person does not need to deal with the hassle of attending classes physically.

  • Having good communication also involves a healthy mental state. Try taking care of your body and keep yourself in an emotionally balanced environment.

Developing communication skills cannot be done overnight. It needs patience and regular efforts. It also needs a positive attitude. If a person lacks communication skills, he needs to acknowledge this fact and takes necessary steps in this direction.



When we are studying and are actually deciding for our future career; two things can happen i.e. either you will want a career that can give you a lot of money or you can opt for the one that you have interest in. a lot of advancements have let us belief that we cannot benefit from anything if we don’t even like it. For example, there is huge money in architecture field; now you can do things in your life that will be wither choosing architecture and making a lot money in future but have no happiness in your life or you can go for management sciences that has a little less money but you are fully satisfied with your work and life.

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