Top 10 Graduation Schools In U.S. For 2017

Every year graduate schools are evaluated based on different criteria. This list contains an evaluation of graduate schools in five disciplines based on criteria such as credit points, placement rate of students, and the grade-points average of incoming students. The ranking procedure varies in accordance with the discipline.

Business: The evaluation for MBA programs are done by analyzing the rankings given by corporate recruiters. This year Harvard Business School secured the number one rank. Last year Stanford had the highest rating. Another school that climbed and made into top ten is Yale University’s School of Management. The list of MBA programs is as follows

1)    Harvard Universityh1

2)    Stanford University

3)    University of Chicago

4)    University of Pennsylvania

5)    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

6)    Northwestern Universitydarthall-1024x768

7)    University of California

8)    Dartmouth College

9)    Yale University

10)    Columbia University

Medical: This discipline is ranked by determining the numbers of workers present in medical facilities and nursing organization. In this year’s ranking, Harvard regained his top position followed by North Carolina. The complete top ten ranking is as follows

1)    Harvard Medical School (Harvard University)

2)    Stanford School of Medicine (Stanford University)

3)     Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (Johns Hopkins University)

4)    University of California-San Francisco

5)    University of Pennsylvaniauniversity_of_pennsylvania_5686875

6)    Washington University in St. Louis

7)    Columbia University

8)    Yale University

9)    New York University

10)    University of Chicago

Education: For evaluating Education programs in various schools, generally deans and peers are asked to rate the program. The school hiring contracts, professionals, and superintendents give their own ratings. The average of all the respondents is used for scoring a school.  This year Johns Hopkins was pushed to number three from its top position from last year.

1)    Stanford University

2)    Harvard University

3)    Johns Hopkins University

4)    University of Wisconsin

5)    Vanderbilt Universityvu07b

6)    University of Pennsylvania

7)    Teachers College, Columbia University

8)    Northwestern University

9)    University of Washington

10)    University of Texas

Engineering: various factors such as placement quantity, reputation, and research activity are taken into the account for rating colleges in engineering discipline. This year the first three rankings have remained the same with MIT topping the list.

1)    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2)    Stanford University

3)    University of California- Berkeley

4)    California Institute of technology

5)    Carnegie Melon University

6)    University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

7)    Georgia Institute of Technology

8)    University of Illinois- Urbana-Champaign

9)    Purdue University- West Lafayette

10)    University of Texas

Law: The United States has one of the best colleges in law field accredited by American Bar Association. The law rankings are determined by analyzing assessment scores by Peers, Lawyers, and judges. The criteria also take into account the Median LSAT scores, Median undergraduate GPA, Acceptance rate and placement success and Bar passage rate. This year the rankings have unchanged with Yale Law School at the top followed by Harvard Law School and Stanford Law School. The ranking for this year is as follows.

1)    Yale University

2)    Harvard Universitystanford-aerial

3)    Stanford University

4)    Columbia University

5)    University of Chicago

6)    New York University

7)    University of Pennsylvania

8)    California Institute of technology

9)    University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

10)  University of Virginia



When we are studying and are actually deciding for our future career; two things can happen i.e. either you will want a career that can give you a lot of money or you can opt for the one that you have interest in. a lot of advancements have let us belief that we cannot benefit from anything if we don’t even like it. For example, there is huge money in architecture field; now you can do things in your life that will be wither choosing architecture and making a lot money in future but have no happiness in your life or you can go for management sciences that has a little less money but you are fully satisfied with your work and life.

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