Top 5 Best And Worst Occupations To Pursue

The current century has become rotten for many careers. With the unprecedented advancements in technology, most of the jobs have become obsolete. On the other hand, these advancements have paved the way for new opportunities from point of view of both money and profession.

The text contains top five best and worst jobs ranked on the criteria stress, hiring rates and income for the year 2016.

For most people, money is the primary motivation but as per the experts, job satisfaction is also an integral factor when comes to adjudging a job in terms of good and bad.

The Best Jobs to Pursue:

Medical Sonographer: For people who want to work in the medical field but do not have a bachelor’s degree it is an attractive job. A person can get above-average pay by becoming a diagnostic Sonographer. A certification is enough for pursuing this job. The scope for this occupation is likely to grow by 24% by 2014.

Audiologist: More and more people are developing hearing problems these days. An audiologist examines and treats hearing problems of people. The field has good scope in the future as the expected growth rate is 29% by 2014. Audiologists earn a handsome salary.

Information security analyst: In the era of the Internet the security and preservation of online data are every organization’s top priority. Security analysts keep this data safe. The occupation has a very good scope.

career-developmentStatisticians: Statistics are required by every organization in every field. Accredited to this need this occupation has developed a great demand in the market. The federal government, development companies, and scientific research all require statisticians.

Data Scientists: Online services are availed by customers all the time. From dating to grocery shopping, the dependence on the virtual world is proliferating day by day. This occupation is the most lucrative. For pursuing as a data scientist one needs a Bachelor’s degree in the respected field.

Worst Jobs to Pursue:

Enlisted Military: If a person lacks passion for this job, it is impossible to pursue. The uncertain working hours in high duress situations and average salary make this occupation an unlikeable one from the prospects of a job.

 Disk Jockey: It may sound all fun and flashy but budget cuts are really high and with the increased accessibility to streaming services, the occupation seems to be suffering.

Broadcasting: Again, if broadcasting the news has not been always the ultimate dream of an individual then this job is very difficult like all other high profile media jobs. It involves a lot of pressure, low pay and long working hours. Also, let us all pretend quality journalism exists!

broadcastingLogger: The jobs as a logger are likely to shrink in the future and let us not forget the risky working conditions in which a logger is supposed to work.

Newspaper Reporters: For the past few years the scope of print journalism is shrinking. The online sources of news are rapidly replacing the print medium. All the hard work and stress that this News industry demands are not worth the pay.

The good and bad attributes of a job or an occupation also depends on the individual’s interest and passion. If a person lacks a certain passion for any job, in that case, it is recommended to stay away from the risky jobs.


When we are studying and are actually deciding for our future career; two things can happen i.e. either you will want a career that can give you a lot of money or you can opt for the one that you have interest in. a lot of advancements have let us belief that we cannot benefit from anything if we don’t even like it. For example, there is huge money in architecture field; now you can do things in your life that will be wither choosing architecture and making a lot money in future but have no happiness in your life or you can go for management sciences that has a little less money but you are fully satisfied with your work and life.

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